Human Drama

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The World Inside

The World Inside I: Nothing Ever Changes; The Enemy; Here I Will Stay
The World Inside II 
My Skin 
Look Into a Strangers Eyes 
This Tangled Web 
Winters Life 
Fascination and Fear 
A Million Years 
Color Me Red 
Father Sing 
The Sound of the Rain 
Fading Away 
Times Square 
(Marianne Faithfull cover)

Second Set

Love Will Tear Us Apart
(Joy Division cover)
Another Fifty Miles 
Death Of An Angel 
Sad I Cry 
As Love Comes Tumbling Down 
Heaven Stood Still 
(Mink DeVille cover)
It Is Fear? 
Quiet Desperation 
Love’s Way 
I Bleed for You 
Wish You Were Here 
(Pink Floyd cover)
I Could Be A Killer 
There Is Only You 


The Waiting Hour

Encore 2:

This Forgotten Love

Who by Fire
(Leonard Cohen cover)



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