Alejando Marcovich

 SETLIST Hasta morir Nubes Alebrije Gozar contigo Nada que decir Estás dormida El viaje Ayer me dijo un ave Sombras en tiempos perdidos El comunicador Aviéntame El animal Cables No volveré Aquí no es así El año del dragón Es para mí Wa wa Alfombra mágica Miedo Afuera Encore: El negro cósmico El elefante Encore …


SETLIST It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll) (AC/DC song) Olympus Rising Thunderbolt Sacrifice Wheels of Steel Strong Arm of the Law Denim and Leather Battering Ram Rainbow Theme Frozen Rainbow Backs to the Wall They Played Rock and Roll Power and the Glory Hungry Years Dogs of War …


SETLIST Portrait of a Headless Man Martyr Prototype Pyramid God Enemy of Truth Communion The Vampire from Nazareth Prometheus Lovecraft’s Death Dante’s Inferno Persepolis Encore: A Great Mass of Death Anubis Dark Art GALERÍA                    


SETLIST Guillaume Tell Ouverture (William Tell Overture) (Gioachino Rossini song) Clear The Good Doctor Puzzle Box Falling Back to Earth Cockroach King Nil by Mouth 1985 Veil The Architect Encore: Crystallised Africa (Toto cover) Celestial Elixir GALERÍA                    


SETLIST The Rhythm of Freedom Tornado of Thoughts (I Don’t Think Therefore I Am) Saints Don’t Die The Power Process Devil in Disguise Dhyana Drown the Demon Rebirth from Despair Maya (The Veil of Delusion) The Flaming Rage of God Set Me Free Encore: Follow in the Cry (After Forever cover) Passion (Stream of Passion …